Smart Policy is a Cloud Based Insurance Platform that brings stakeholders of the insurance industry such as Insurance Companies, Insurance Brokers, Insurance Agents, Assessors, Regulatory & Monitoring Authority on a single platform for their various operational needs.

The platform enables the stakeholders of the industry to use single platform to carry out effective risk management and seamless operations.

For Insurance Companies the platform enables to connect with their brokers and agents. Thus with the single system the intermediaries can sell all kinds of insurance products for the insurance company with applied controls. This makes it extremely cost effective to the insurance companies, as they do not have to embark upon multiple software products for their multiple insurance products.

For Insurance Brokers and Agents the platform enables them to run their entire operation on this system, thus their renewals, claims, settlement with customers, settlement with insurers & regulatory returns are handled with zero hassles. The platform enables the broker and agent to sell insurance products in their Offices, Mobile Vehicles, Shopping Malls & wherever they can reach on their feet. Thus it provides a wide expansion of their traditional business executing it at the door step of the customer.

Smart Policy is a state-of-art platform, which revolutionizes the operations of insurance industry beyond traditional execution.

Smart Policy Platform Key Highlights

Supports all Insurance Products

Supports Standard & Customized Insurance Products

No Cover Notes Books

No manual dispensing of Cover Note Books

Sends SMS & Email

Automated SMS & Email Renewal Reminders

Claims Workflows

Efficient Claims Tracking & Management

Built-in Document Management

Stores Documents & Pictures for Underwriting & Claims

Mobile Money Integrated

Supports & Tracks Payments over Mobile Money

Easy to use

Extreamly handy and easy to use software

Cost Effective

Provides maximum value at low price

Why Smart Policy ?

  • It’s a State-of-Art Solution, already running solution with many insurance brokers in African Market

  • Easily adapt to the local business processes and operations in the best possible way. This is also one of the reason why the solution can be implemented quickly.

  • Smart Policy is a very easy to use solution and can be comfortably used by your staff having a very little knowledge of operating computer

  • No huge or capital investment on Software Licenses & Hardware Infrastructure

  • No cost on Hardware Maintenance or Software Licensing or Maintenance

  • No cost on having huge IT team to support the daily issues

  • Saves recurring cost of data bandwidth

  • Saves recurring cost on the monitoring & maintenance of IT Infrastructure

  • Saves huge recurring costs on expert IT resources for managing such solutions

  • Easy expansions to new branch offices with no additional cost


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