Smart Policy Core Insurance System

Core Features

Smart Policy platform is a comprehensive and modern core insurance system that handles both conventional and takaful insurance operations offering technical and business infrastructure for sales, service, administration, and financial accounting.

It provides insurance companies the ability to connect with their intermediaries to support an end-to-end business operation from the underwriting, policy issuance, billing, collection, endorsements, renewals, claims, and reinsurance management.

The platform enables straight-through processing that gives flexibility in accommodating business requirements and regulatory compliance.

Underwriting & Policy Administration Module

Comprehensive tool to manage policy, quicker underwriting cycle, flexible workflows, and automatic processes that support teamwork and productivity that improves customer’s experience.

Custom Product Definition and Ratings

Flexible product configuration tools that empower insurers to customize and tailor their own products and rates or build coverages, endorsements, underwriting rules, and rates.

Claims Administration Module

Supports the entire claims life cycle from claim intimation to the settlement and it is integrated with the Smart Policy intermediaries Portal as well as the Mobile App which also supports in capturing of claims intimation and uploading of its documentation.

Re-insurance Module

The module allows insurers to configure their reinsurance treaties and XoL treaties arrangements and automatically integrate reinsurance processing within the policy administration and claims lifecycles. The module is architected to handle even the most complex reinsurance requirements.

Billing and Integrated Accounting Module

The advanced billing process that works in hand with an Integrated Finance module that enhances the respective accounting ledgers and tracks the whole lifecycle of a policy. It has the flexibility of generating financial reports with the corresponding GL effects

Intermediary Portal, B2B, and B2c Module

The unique architecture of Smart Policy Core Insurance System is it enables a simplified, cost effective approach for deploying external systems for brokers, agents, bancassurance, and customers to enable a comprehensive selling and purchasing of insurance services that empower services delivery distribution channels.

Other features

1.  Fraud Control Module

Built-in module for Blacklisting Customers and Motor Policies for fraud control. This will also enable you to know the blacklisted customers by other insurance companies and at the same time prevent your intermediaries from working with such customers through Smart Policy.

2.  Credit Limit Management Module

Enables you to setup Credit Limits for your Intermediaries for which intermediary will not be able to issue further cover notes until he clears the previous balance.

3.  Capacity to Run on Cloud and on Premise.

Smart Policy Core Insurance System has the capability to run on a cloud platform as well as on a cloud Stand

4.  Performance Monitoring

Smart Policy Core Insurance System provides the capability to monitor the performance of both direct and indirect businesses from everywhere.

5. Integration Capability.

Platform comes with a built-in Salvage Bidding App which will enable you to maximize your salvage realization

Integration Capabilities

1. Salvage Bidding App

Platform comes with a built-in Salvage Bidding App which will enable you to maximize your salvage realization

2. Associate App

Built-in App for Selling Insurance on feet’s thus it can enable you to sell your insurance anywhere beyond the conventional selling

3.Email Automation

Receive cover notes over email issued by your intermediaries on end of day basis. Thus keeps you on top of your business.

4.Mobile Money Platform

Integrated with Mobile Money Platforms for receiving Mobile Money Payments and online settlements

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