Smart Policy Bancassurance

Smart Policy is a widely used Insurance software in Eastern and Southern Africa.

Currently the system caters to 21 Banks, and counting! The solution is used by brokers, agencies and insurance companies in Tanzania and in the neighbouring countries such as Kenya, Zambia, Malawi, Rwanda & Zimbabwe!



Smart Policy automates and organizes the entire Bancassurance operations i.e. underwriting, endorsements, renewals, premium settlements, insurer settlements, finance reports & claims.

Branch Monitoring

Smart Policy will bring all the bank’s branch offices located nationwide under one system, with the Head Office having complete control of all insurance operations at all branches with ease. With this, authorizations can even be set in place for further control.

All Insurance Products in One System

Smart Policy offers ease-of-use for the branch offices to fully access all the insurance classes available in your market with your built-in rates, and simplifies the tracking of claim settlements with a built-in claims module.

Quick Service to the


Smart Policy makes life easy for your front office insurance officer to capture a quote instantly and print the captured data on several documents such as Cover Notes, Digital Stickers & Cover note numbers and Insurer Batch tax invoices/receipts.

Managing Premiums & Commissions

Smart Policy will help you track your settlements with clients and also manage insurance premium returns with insurance companies. In turn, tracking commissions becomes a much easier task.


Smart Policy is also able to generate Regulatory Reports, business report and branch reports that will assist your finance department to be ahead of time to prepare the quarterly/yearly regulatory reports directly from the system.

SMS/Emails Reminders

Smart Policy also offers built-in Customer Relationship Management to remind your customers, via Email or SMS, of their Renewals and to inform them about their claim on every stage of the claim. The system also helps in sending seasonal and birthday greetings to the customers.

Claims Management

Smart Policy has been acknowledged by many insurance companies in Tanzania and beyond for its well-defined insurance process for insurance underwriting & claims operations.

If you are looking for digitalizing your insurance operations, we’d love to talk to you!

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