Smart Policy Platform B2C Channel Suite

Comprehensive Insurance B2C Channel suite

Smart Policy Platform B2C Channel Suite

Smart Policy Platform has a complete B2C Channel suite that will make you sell insurance online via Mobile Apps & through your company Website.
Mobile App

Mobile App for Android & Apple Devices (Incl. Mobiles & Tablets). The app will be downloadable from Google Play Store & Apple Store

Online Web Sales

The exiting website of the insurance company can be an insurance web selling & claim servicing website in no time.

Go Digital with Smart Policy Platform
Back-office Platform

Smart Policy Back-office Secured IT Architecture will be available 24/7 to serve the online clients on both Mobile Apps & Insurance Company Websites.

Payment Integrated

Integrated with Payment Gateway that will support payment over Mobile Money, Master & Visa Payments. The payment facility will also support payment over NMB Branch & Wakala Integration

The b2c channel will enable the customers to buy insurance online on their computers over Web Browser or their Mobile Apps.

The customer will be able to view quotes and apply for buying the policy online after successful premium payment. This is the medium of selling insurance will reach out to all the internet customer segment covering both Mobile & Internet Users.

The purpose of such online channels is to provide services accessible to the customers and ease of service to them. This is the reason why customers globally are moving towards online purchases as it makes them comfortable to buy from their offices and home at their leisure.

Business today is reaching out to the customers and this suite will put the insurance company in every possible way to serve its customer on its doorstep.

Online Insurance Buying Process

  • Step 1

    Choose Type of Insurance

    B2C channel will list all the policies for the customer to choose.

  • Step 2

    Capture Basic Information

    The customer will ask for basic information for Quote

  • Step 3

    Shows Instant Quote

    Instant Quote will be provided with the basic information provided

  • Step 4

    Capture Additional Info

    If the customer further wishes to apply for the policy, additional quick information will be asked to capture.

  • Step 5

    Confirm Order

    The customer confirms the information captured before payment

  • Step 6

    Pay Premium Online

    Customer can pay premium over Mobile Money or Card Payment

  • Step 7

    Policy is Issued

    After the successful payment the policy is issued and the customer gets the policy on the email within 5 minutes.

Online Claim Submission Process

  • (Step 1)

    Select Type of Loss

    The insured will be able to select various types of losses for submitting the claim. The b2c channel will also track the location of the submission.

  • (Step 2)

    Capture Accident Cause

    Insured will be allowed to select from the various predefined Causes of Accident and tag it to the claim submission.

  • (Step 3)

    Capture Accident Circumstance

    Briefly insured will be allowed to capture the circumstance of the accident.

  • (Step 4)

    Take Accident Pictures

    Insured will be allowed to take pictures of the accident.

  • (Step 5)

    Submit Claim

    Insured will submit the claim for the insurance company review.

b2c Live Projects

May 23, 2020

Alliance Online Web Sales

The existing website of Alliance Insurance is been converted into B2c Web Selling Portal integrated with Payment Systems so that customers can get an instant quote as well as pay the premium online for availing the policy. As soon as ... read more

May 23, 2020

Alliance BIMA Chap Chap App

The BIMA Chap Chap is a b2c Mobile App downloadable from Apple Store & Google Playstore. The App is integrated with online payment for instant premium payment over Mobile Money & Card Payment that includes Master & Visa Cards.