Smart Insurance Solution for Insurance to sell insurance beyond traditional selling.
Smart Policy is a Cloud Based Insurance Platform that brings stakeholders of the insurance industry such as Insurance Companies, Insurance Brokers, Insurance Agents, Assessors, Regulatory & Monitoring Authority on a single platform for their various operational needs.The platform enables the stakeholders of the industry to use single platform to carry out effective risk management and seamless operations.
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Why Smart Policy ?

  • It’s a State-of-Art Solution, already running solution with many insurance brokers in African Market
  • Easily adapt to the local business processes and operations in the best possible way. This is also one of the reason why the solution can be implemented quickly.
  • Smart Policy is a very easy to use solution and can be comfortably used by your staff having a very little knowledge of operating computer
  • No huge or capital investment on Software Licenses & Hardware Infrastructure
User Friendly 100%
Value For Money 100%
Satisfied Customers 100%
  • No cost on Hardware Maintenance or Software Licensing or Maintenance
  • No cost on having huge IT team to support the daily issues
  • Saves recurring cost of data bandwidth
  • Saves recurring cost on the monitoring & maintenance of IT Infrastructu
  • Saves huge recurring costs on expert IT resources for managing such solutions
  • Easy expansions to new branch offices with no additional cost

Smart Policy Platform Key Highlights.

Supports all Insurance Products
Supports Standard & Customized Insurance Products
No Cover Notes Books
No manual dispensing of Cover Note Books
Sends SMS & Email
Automated SMS & Email Renewal Reminders
Claims Workflows
Efficient Claims Tracking & Management
Built-in Document Management
Stores Documents & Pictures for Underwriting & Claims
Mobile Money Integrated
Supports & Tracks Payments over Mobile Money
Easy to use
Extremely handy and easy to use software
Cost Effective
Provides maximum value at low price

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Countries using Smart Policy



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